My name is Brittany. She/her/hers.

  I am a wedding and portrait photographer residing in Kalamazoo, Michigan. (But I also love to travel!)

A little about me:
I’m a coffee addict.
A wife and a cat mom. 
An artist & a storyteller.

& A strong believer in social justice.

I generally have a relaxed and spontaneous photo-journalistic style (this means i do more candid shots without a lot of "direction" from behind the camera). By taking a lifestyle approach to my photography, I create images that tell your unique story. I am committed to working with my clients to find out what it is you want to capture and using that vision to guide me in my creative process. 

Your story is one of the greatest adventures that I hope to be a part of. I'm excited that you've found yourself here at Paint My Mind Photography and I can't wait to hear how your story unfolds. While you're here though, be sure to look around and see the lives & stories of other people I've had the chance of meeting and working with